lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Tubby rhesus monkeys are placed on a strict diet at Ohama Park

Even a rhesus monkey can suffer from an obesity crisis.

Despite the park-keepers at Ohama Park, Osaka Prefecture, cutting their rations from 10kg to 2kg last year, 30 per cent of the 50 or so rhesus monkeys remain tubby thanks to the visitors throwing them food.

Now “Don't give food” signs are being put up and park-keepers are planning a fence to stop the public's unwanted gifts. (AFP)

This curious news is useful to me to remind all of you that feeding animals in the zoo is a very mean action. There's a lot of qualified staff who is worried 24 hours a day about giving the monkeys the best and most well-balanced feeding, and the selfish people like these japanese zoo visitors ruins it.

That's why I ask you, like these signs: please, don't feed captive animals, they'd thank you if they could.

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