lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

A reflection about our teachers...

2nd Batxillerat is ending, and now it's time to reflect and make conclusions.

We're going to begin with Lo Sinyó, that in spite of not being perfect, it is known that he is a very good teacher and a nice father. We think that because we always see him taking walks with his child. The general M. C. is a brave teacher, but it is known that she enjoys failing the students. Beatriu is known to be the most beautiful gorgerous and pretty teacher in our school because she loves her students as they were her children. J. Capdevila is known to want to live in the Roman times, because he lives the classes as he was living there. Jack Porty is known to always answer the phone in class, but he is a very funny teacher and we all respect him. Moreover, it's easy to learn geaography issues with him.

Elena Nicolau is known to drink a lot of coffee everyday because she is very nervous. Maria Farrera is known to be in love with George Clooney, and we don't know if she is also in love with his pigglet. Antoni was thought to be a god two thousand years ago, as he teaches filosophy in a different way, a perfect way. Maite is believed to be the smarter teacher in the high school. Mercè Güiu is thought to be the perfect cook, because she bought some cakes to us. Lluis Herrera is thought to be a good rider, bacause his motorbike is not even scratched. Anna Aznar is known to have one of the prettiest eyes in the school in spite of wearing contact lenses. Besides, thanks to her, we have increased our English level x100.

Despite our entuthiasm on going to university and beggining a new life, we know that we'll miss all this. And the teachers who have screwed us so much will be remembered with love.

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